One of the most 'photogenic' towns in the Mediterranean, once a fishing town, today is a tourist resort. At a distance of some 40 kilometres from Pula, Rovinj has long been known as the town with favourable and beneficial climatic features. So, today its people are still proud of this long tradition and 'fight' for the title of 'healthy town'... The rest is nature’s work. The entire coastline, with its twenty-two islands is an area of protected natural heritage.

Feel the enchantment of the town in its narrow medieval streets and warm Mediterranean setting. The main Church of St. Euphemia keeps relics of the saint and presents one of the most beautiful Baroque achievements in Istria. From the church plateau there is a wonderful view of the open sea and numerous islets in the distance. A visit to the Rovinj Town Museum and the town’s many galleries will complete your cultural experience.

Its surroundings offer immense possibilities for recreation: biking, horseback riding, jogging. But, owing to the sea and what it has to offer, ranging from sailing to discovering the underwater world, its therapeutic properties, today Rovinj is the destination for tourists from all over the world.


Rovinj is located on the western coast of Istria, the biggest Adriatic peninsula, which is only a one hour ride away from Trieste, 270 km away from Zagreb, a little bit more than 500 km away from Vienna and around 700 km away from Munich. The town of Rovinj is located on the peninsula which is 45 01' in latitude and 13 38' in longitude east of Greenwich. The climate is mediterranean, the avrerage temperature in January is 4.8 C, wheras the average in July is 22.3 C. The mean sea temperature is 16.6 C, while during the summer months it amounts to 26, and sometimes even up to 27 degrees. The average annual number of hours of sunshine is 2.393, while the the humidity is 73%.

Rovinj has around 15.000 inhabitants (14.234), and most of them are largely engaged in tourism, in the fishing trade, in agriculture, wine business and in viticulture. The town has a rich history, as well as interesting architectural buildings, beautiful natural resources and industrious people who are certainly worth a visit. Rovinj is also one of the most famous tourist centers in Istria and Croatia, that is attended by many foreign and domestic guests. The accomodation capacities are diverse, reaching from campsites and private apartments and rooms to smaller board and lodging places and high class hotels. Some of the sights of the town and its surroundings are described on our web sites. We hope that you will like it and that we will see you soon in Rovinj!


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